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Airsoft Spring Pistols

Spring powered airsoft pistols use a spring that is manually compressed by the shooter by pulling the slide before being released by the trigger for each shot. What spring airsoft pistols lack in rate of fire they make up in having better power consistency and higher accuracy potential.


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How do spring airsoft pistols work?

Spring airsoft pistols are the easiest to use and least expensive to buy, they are operated by manually pulling back the slide to cock the gun before each shot. When the slide is pulled back, a spring inside a cylinder containing a piston is compressed creating an air pocket inside the cylinder, pulling the trigger releases this compressed spring which pushes the piston down the cylinder and forces the compressed air into a small nozzle behind the airsoft BB, propelling it down the barrel. Unlike other guns, airsoft spring pistols require no external input of gas or batteries to function making them cheap and easy to use; however they lack the speed and power to be competitive in games against gas or electric guns.

What is the best spring airsoft pistol??

The best spring airsoft pistols have to be the pistols manufactured by Tokyo Marui; they have excellent in-game performance with superior range, accuracy and shooting consistency than their contemporaries on the market. While they do feature plastic slides, they also come in a variety of models for you to choose from though internally they tend to all operate similarly. Furthermore, Tokyo Marui’s Gindan series of spring pistol also have the ability to shoot in semi automatic, relying merely on your trigger pull to cock the gun and fire instead of manual cocking like other guns.

Can spring airsoft pistols be upgraded?

No, whilst theoretically possible, spring airsoft guns are not designed to be taken apart and there are no upgrade parts on sale for them. Furthermore, even if you could install a stronger spring, doing so would run the risk of damaging other parts of your pistol as the stronger spring would exceed the strength tolerances that the other parts were designed for. If you wish for a pistol with better shooting performance, we recommend either an electric or gas airsoft pistol

How do spring airsoft pistols compare with gas airsoft pistols?

Aside from BBs, spring airsoft pistols do not require any additional power source like gas pistols as they are manually cocked by the shooter. However this comes at a considerable cost in rate of fire as each shot must then be manually cocked before firing another unlike the semi automatic firing modes of most gas airsoft pistols. What spring airsoft pistols lack in rate of fire they make up in having the best power consistency and higher accuracy potential.