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GBB Pistol External Parts

GBB Pistol External Airsoft Accessories is For Airsoft Expert/ Player to Upgrade or Replace The Old/ Broken External Accessory of Their GBB Airsoft Guns (Airsoft Pistol), Airsoft GBB Pistol External Accessories Include Buttstock (AR Folding Stock Adapter, Buffer Tube Stock), Grip, Angled Foregrip, Airsoft Receiver, Receiver Accessory (Magazine Release, Trigger, Trigger Guard, AR15 Bolt Catch, Selector, Charging Handle), Outer Barrel, Muzzle Brake (Flash Hider), Suppressor (Silencer), Tracer, AR15 Handguard, Picatinny Rail Mount, Bipod, Iron Sight, Airsoft Pistol Slide, Frame, Compensator, Magwell, Slide Catch, Safety, Hammer
  • Umarex / VFC G45 Outer Barrel (Parts# 02-1)
    Umarex / VFC G45 Outer Barrel (Parts# 02-1)
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    Umarex / VFC G45 Outer Barrel (Parts# 02-1)

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    SKU: VGC7BRL130

    Umarex / VFC G45 Outer Barrel (Parts# 02-1)Metal ConstructionDesign For Replace the Original PartsSuitable For Umarex/ VFC G45 Series Airsoft Pistol